Welcome to My Evolving Garden & Lifestyle Journal

For many years now, my backyard has been not much more than a grassy weed field, and it’s long felt like most of my energy expended in “gardening” work was in keeping the weeds at bay. I’ve enjoyed too few fruits from my labor, mostly just a mild sense of anxiety!

Is there such a thing as gardener’s block? Despite my vague hopes and dreams of a modest backyard garden paradise, nothing really lasting has transpired in the 10 or so years since moving to our cozy cave in a quiet pocket of suburbia. Maybe my heart truly wasn’t in it.

Maybe, deterred by past failures, I was paralyzed by my ridiculous Virgo sense of perfectionism.

But I don’t want to focus on past failures here. I won’t necessarily even be focusing on my garden transformation alone. I’ve started learning a few lessons recently that have touched many aspects of my life. I will be ready to talk about some of these in due time, but as a result, I’ve been channeling much of my energy into a fruitful connection to the earth and to the cycles of nature.

March 2011 Super Moon by Bradford Leonard

So, with the vernal equinox upon us, the start of spring and the zodiac cycle, I feel the call for a new beginning. And what better synchronicity of events than a Virgo super moon to welcome this fresh spring?

My Virgo need for Perfection transforms to a need only to perfect, for herein lies the learning, enjoyment, and practically speaking, the fruits! Creating goodness in my own backyard can one day extend beyond my own walls, fulfilling my Virgo need to be of service to others; and more immediately, satisfy my desire to feel rooted to the earth and in tune with nature.

With the sincerest wish to make real these ideals, I craft this journal documenting the cultivation of my garden sanctuary; exploring living in harmony with the natural world; and developing a deeper connection with and knowledge of the cycles and energies of the Cosmos.

What that actually means and what it will look like, I’m not entirely certain at this point, but the time feels right to find out. Oh, happy Spring!